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Sheet masks are one of the most effective skin care methods, the contents of this sheet mask are more like contents, serums than regular masks. These sheets are made of silk, which is impregnated with materials rich in collagen, proteins, plant extracts and fruits. These masks are not greasy and oily like other masks and do not need to be cleaned, and their combination is more like a clean, milky dilute liquid gel. These masks, like the sheet mask, are pre-designed and cut in such a way that they cover the entire length of the face lines, leaving the eyes, nose and mouth open.




  • Strong moisturizer skin
  • Skin lightener
  • Increase the freshness of the skin
  • Prevent facial wrinkles
  • Increase skin health
  • Eliminates dead skin cells
  • Skin strengthening and lifting
  • Reduce the process of collagen degradation
  • Reduce facial slimming
  • Relaxing


After using the mask, the face is not washed and the mask can be used once. Sheet masks are for nourishing and moisturizing your skin, not for cleansing or exfoliating; Therefore, they can not exert the effect that exfoliators and cleansers have on the skin.
From the material left in the envelope after using the mask, it can be applied to your face and hands

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