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The skin around the eyes becomes dry and wrinkled due to rubbing, bad weather, dehydration, and this dryness causes the skin around the eyes to sag.

These problems usually start from the age of 25 and the severity of these changes varies from person to person.

Ultra-effective and very fast-acting cream containing several herbal ingredients to reduce puffiness (swelling) under the eyes, bags under the eyes, reduce wrinkles around the eyes, anti-aging, increase the freshness of skin and redefine the youth and eliminate dark circles under the eyes.




  • Strong and very fast anti-wrinkle effect
  • Anti-puffiness around the eyes
  • Anti-blur and dark circles around the eyes with a quick impact
  • Treatment of spots around the eyes
  • Treatment of drooping eyelids and eyeballs
  • Contains Botox-like substance
  • Contains anti-wrinkle herbal ingredients
  • Has a rapid and a long therapeutic effect.
  • Fast lifting, whitens the skin around the eyes and eliminates sagging skin around the eyes
  • Increase the freshness and clarity around the eyes
  • Prevent the increase of wrinkles around the eyes
  • Contains marine collagen
  • Rejuvenating and beautifying the skin around the eyes


Use lightly around the eyes in the morning.

Use it when going to a party to remove a lump around the eye in 2 minutes.

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